NordicTrack C 990 Review: Revolutionize Your Run with the Best Treadmill

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

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Just look at how far running has come. Long ago, humans depended on just a dirt road and a trusty pair of sneakers. Nowadays, treadmills like the NordicTrack C 990 revolutionize how we exercise.

Over its 150-year life span, the treadmill has evolved quite a bit. You can run any time of day and during any season of the year. You can even watch Netflix while you explore different types of terrain!

But, the bottom line is that this purchase can be a significant investment. So, you want to make every calorie and penny count when considering your treadmill purchase.

Treadmills: An Evolution in Fitness

A treadmill is a stationary exercise machine on which you can walk or run. Originally, Sir William Cubitt proposed the use of treadmills in prisons as a way for inmates to power mills.

Eventually, the average person saw the health benefits of running and used treadmills for exercise purposes. Specifically, working out on a treadmill provides many health benefits. It raises your pulse rate, breathing rate, and heartbeat.

Nowadays, treadmills feature additional exercise perks like adjustable incline levels and built-in workout programs. Additionally, some models connect you to the outside world via Wi-Fi.

And one of the top options that offers all this and more is the NordicTrack c990.

NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill

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One of the most popular brands in treadmills is NordicTrack. And this respected company offers the NordicTrack C 990 as a top option in terms of affordability and smart design to power your run.


Truly, every aspect of the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill aims for users’ convenience and practicality.

First, the NordicTrack C 990 comes with an adjustable tablet holder just above the console. That way, your screen is not blocked. So you can binge your favorite Hulu series or read your beloved magazines while exercising.

Along with the tablet holder is an integrated accessory tray. You can use this convenient feature to store your drink, phone, or remote control.

Also, its built-in fan increases its speed as your run intensifies — one less thing to worry about as you chase your goals.

Additionally, its stronger motor works harder, so you don’t have to. And the NordicTrack C 990 runs with reduced vibration for a smoother surface for you.

Finally, the NordicTrack C 990 is a space-saver. The treadmill glides into a folded position, thanks to telescoping EasyLift Assist to help with lifting and moving the machine.

Technology perks

Believe it or not, the NordicTrack C 990 might be more intelligent than some people you know. You’ll love to exercise on such a “smart” machine.

One of the greatest features of the NordicTrack C 990 is its 7-inch full-color smart HD touchscreen. On it, you can access thousands of web-based programs and apps, and you can also track your stats to help motivate you and keep you engaged.

Additionally, if you’re someone who listens to music while you walk or run, you’re in luck with this treadmill. You can use the auxiliary jacks to connect your phone or media player to its digitally-amplified 2-inch speakers.

Finally, the included technology with the NordicTrack C 990 enables you to create up to four user profiles. And you can use the Dual CardioGrip heart monitor to keep a close eye on your vitals.

Training features

What would be the point in such a strong exercise investment if it didn’t come with training features? The NordicTrack C 990 offers plenty of exercise incentives and motivators to keep you looking and feeling your best.

First, your NordicTrack C 990 purchase comes with a 1-year membership to iFit services. With this extraordinary perk, you can access over 16,000 on-demand workouts led by elite trainers. These professionals can even control your speed and incline remotely. So, no slacking!

And, if preferred, you can always access any of the 32 onboard programs that do not require Wi-Fi. You can choose from cardio, toning, fat burning, and strength training options.

Furthermore, you can intensify your workout accordingly with its available 0 to 12 percent incline. Or you can run anywhere from 0 to 12 miles per hour, depending on your given workout demands.

Finally, FlexSelect Cushioning technology adjusts to mimic different terrains realistically. So, you really will feel like you’re running outside — perhaps on the beach one day and in the mountains the next.


  • Budget
  • iFit compatibility
  • Larger motor means less vibration while in use
  • FlexSelect Cushioning mimics real-life terrain
  • 20-inch by 60-inch tread belt means wider berth and larger strides


  • 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty pale in comparison to other brands

Behind the Scenes of the NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill Review

In order to bring you a comprehensive review of the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill, we first got to know the machine inside and out. So we relied heavily on trustworthy sites like Amazon and the NordicTrack manufacturer website directly for specification information and available features.

Furthermore, we read up on what experts in the industry have to say about this machine. So we consulted respected publications like Business Insider, as well as treadmill-specific, and exercise-related reviews to see what others think of the NordicTrack C 990.

Finally, we investigated the competition. Again, we turned to professional reviews to understand which models best compete with the NordicTrack. Additionally, manufacturer websites like Sole and Pro-Form informed our review of the NordicTrack. In the end, we present a comprehensive review of the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill.

Consider the Competition Before You Run Off

Here are two competing brands you might also consider for your treadmill purchase. The comparable products are presented in no particular order but include similar information to that presented on the NordicTrack.

Pro-Form Performance 800i Treadmill

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The Pro-Form Performance 800i Treadmill offers practical features to enhance your workout routine. This product includes an accessory tray and a tablet holder.

Also, its CoolAire workout fan helps keep you comfortable. But, unlike the NordicTrack, it only features two speeds.

Additionally, the Pro-Form Treadmill includes EasyLift Assist, like the NordicTrack, to help you fold, move, and store your treadmill.

Finally, its 18-inch by 60-inch tread belt is roomy but not quite as large as the NordicTrack.

Next, the Pro-Form wins the race with its 14-inch smart HD screen. You practically have a small television in front of you while you exercise. Also, its two auxiliary speakers can help you rock out while you work out.

Also, the Pro-Form delivers in terms of its exercise offerings. With its included one-year iFit membership, you can access countless workout routines via the web. Or you can exercise to any of its over 50 onboard workouts.

Furthermore, the ProShox Cushioning design reduces the impact on your joints by up to 40 percent. Lastly, its incline extends from negative 2 percent to 10 percent.


  • 14-inch HD screen
  • Incline and decline abilities exceed competitors’ offerings
  • Accommodates users up to 315 pounds
  • 50 onboard workouts
  • Lifetime frame warranty, three-year parts warranty, and one-year labor warranty


  • Fan adjusts to only two speeds
  • Smaller motor than the NordicTrack

Sole F63 Treadmill

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Another great option in treadmills is the Sole F63 Treadmill.

Like the NordicTrack C 990 and Pro-Form 800i, the Sole is designed with usability in mind. It comes with an integrated accessory tray and tablet holder. Also, its fans keep you cool, and the EasyAssist folding deck keeps you safe during inactivity and transport.

Unlike its competition, the Sole offers a built-in USB for charging your devices. Neither the NordicTrack nor the Pro-Form offers this. Also, its flywheels mean you can run vibration-free.

Technologically, the Sole offers Bluetooth-compatible speakers. But its LCD screen is a major drawback compared to the NordicTrack and Pro-Form options. However, you can track your heart rate, speed, pace, and calories burned on the Sole screen.

Finally, the Sole offers speeds of up to 12 miles per hour in addition to its 15 levels of incline. But without connectivity using a platform like iFit, you will have to depend on your imagination for workout inspiration.


  • Budget 
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging port


  • Lack of web-based connectivity might limit workout options
  • LCD screen

Tready, Set, Go!

In conclusion, a treadmill makes a sound investment for anyone committed to a healthier lifestyle. And with all the bells and whistles on today’s models, you are virtually unlimited with your exercise potential.

That being said, if you are self-motivated and enjoy the simpler things in life, the Sole may be for you. It delivers a reliable machine with no fuss.

But to access all of the web-based apps and elite fitness trainers out there, you are probably better off with the NordicTrack or the Pro-Form. Between the two, it’s a close call with the NordicTrack C 990 slightly edging out the Pro-Form. It offers a larger and quieter motor, Dual CardioGrip heart monitor, and FlexSelect Cushioning.

But don’t let us have the final say! Comment below which treadmill will kick your butt into gear!


Featured image via NordicTrack

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