Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill: The Complete Review

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Studies show that as few as three percent of Americans lead a healthy lifestyle. If you think you might be in that unhealthy 97 percent statistic, a Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill might help. Treadmills are one of the top tried-and-true home workout items. You’ve seen plenty of newfangled, trendy, sometimes mystifying workout equipment on late-night TV infomercials. The hottest gyms take pride in offering fancy new equipment that promises to make your workout better, faster, and stronger. But somehow, no matter what those items claim to do, treadmills remain at the top of the equipment list.

The treadmill industry is worth $1.4 billion for a reason. Maybe you’ve never tried one but are ready to, or maybe you have an outdated treadmill that you’re ready to replace. Either way, a Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill could be just what you’re looking for.

What is a Crosswalk Treadmill?

Crosswalk treadmills use a revolutionary system to work out both your upper and lower body at the same time. This upper body resistance feature helps you tone your muscles all over your body, while also burning calories faster. The design of the Crosswalk arms allows for a lot of variety in your workouts.

Researchers believe the health benefits of treadmills are many. It’s good for your heart, promotes healthy weight loss, and also gives less stress to your joints than running or walking outside. With the Crosswalk, you get all of those benefits plus the added upper-body workout.

Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill Features

Although the Crosswalk arms are a nice touch, the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill is actually a fairly basic model. Still, it has a few nice features to offer.

SpaceSaver folding design

This patented design allows you to fold up the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill. In just a single step, you can fold the treadmill vertically for easy transportation and storage. This folding design helps make the compact treadmill even more well-suited for small spaces.

Compact footprint

Even when it’s not folded up, this treadmill doesn’t take up much room. This makes it an ideal fit for cramped rooms and small apartments. The area on which you run is just 18 inches by 50 inches, and the whole machine weighs only 170 pounds.

Crosswalk arms

The crosswalk arms are one of the more unique things about the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill. While your lower body gets a workout from running or walking, your upper body also gets engaged in the action with the crosswalk arms. You can mix up your workouts and burn more calories faster.

Built-in programs

This treadmill comes with a few built-in programs to give you a decent amount of workout variety. The 16 built-in programs pale in comparison to more expensive models but are pretty impressive for an affordable machine like the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill.

ProShox cushioning

A protective ProShox cushion under your feet helps you stay comfortable with added shock absorption. ProShox is Proform’s version of treadmill cushioning. Most brands have their own cushion design.

Speed and incline

The speed and incline options for this model are fairly basic. The top speed maxes out at 10 miles per hour, while the incline goes up to 10 percent. You can use the up and down arrows or the built-in keys on the console to make adjustments.

LCD screen

Like any modern treadmill, the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill comes with an LCD screen. The 5-inch by 7-inch screen is small but functional. It will show you your distance and time, as well as the number of calories you’ve burned.


The sparse console area does include cupholders and a sound system that’s mp3 compatible. You won’t find a fan here, but it’s often fairly easy to set up a standalone fan near your treadmill, so this is unlikely to be a dealbreaker.

EKG heart rate monitor

If you want to keep track of your heart rate during workouts, use the included dual-grip heart rate monitor.


The Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill also comes with a basic warranty. The motor and frame are covered for five years, while the parts and labor have 90 days.

How much does it cost?

The Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill retails for $300 to $400, making it one of the cheapest standard treadmills on the market. There are many other Crosswalk models at slightly higher price points, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a less expensive model with similar features.

Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill Reviews

These features suggest that the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill is a great basic treadmill. Let’s see if the reviews agree.

At Sears, the Crosswalk machine has a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from 208 customer reviews. These reviews suggest that it’s a good value for the price. The top low-rated review states that it didn’t work when they put it together, but the machine was still under warranty. A few reviewers also stated that the motor was loud.

On Amazon, the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill has 3.2 out of 5.0 stars from just 11 reviewers. Again, the top negative review focuses on issues with assembly. This time, there was an issue with not having the right holes drilled. Other negative Amazon reviews also noted that even when everything was right, the treadmill was difficult to assemble. The positive Amazon reviews mention the durability and quality of the machine.

On Walmart, the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill got 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. These reviews echo those on the other websites. The positive reviews from Walmart customers say this treadmill is easy to use, high-quality and offers a good value. The negative reviews mention difficulty with assembly. However, many of the positive reviews state that assembly was easy, so it could be a matter of subjective experience.

How We Reviewed

To put together our balanced perspective on the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill, we weighed both customer reviews and professional reviews along with details about the Crosswalk’s main competitors. No treadmill will be a perfect fit for everyone, so we also balanced out the pros and cons below before reaching our final verdict. Keep reading to learn what we discovered!

Crosswalk Treadmill Competitors

How does the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill stack up? Let’s take a look at its main competitors.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill

One of the major Proform 415 competitors at a similar price point is this model from Gold’s Gym. It offers a selection of 18 workout apps, which have the appeal of being designed by a personal trainer. The tread belt is larger, at 20 by 55 inches. Although this gives you more room, it also means this model is less compact than the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill. The Trainer 720 also folds up for storage.

This model has its own built-in cushioning (AirStride is Gold’s Gym’s version of ProShox). The LED display and MP3-compatible sound system are comparable to the Proform.  The incline and speed options are the same, but this model does have a built-in cooling fan.

You can pick it up for between $600 and $1,200. Amazon customers rate it 4 stars out of 5.

NordicTrack T6.7S Treadmill

This model comes at a slightly higher price point, but does it have enough features to make it worthwhile? It comes with 20 preset workouts, four more than the Proform. The incline and speed options still max out at 10 and 10, and it has its own version of cushioning (FlexSelect). However, this cushioning is customizable, so you can make the surface softer or harder as needed.

The running space is the same as the Gold’s Gym model above: 20 by 55. The motor is quieter than the Proform model’s, and this model also folds up for storage.

This treadmill is available for $599 to $899. Sears’ customers rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Gymax 3HP Treadmill

Like the rest of the treadmills discussed here, this Gymax treadmill folds for storage. It’s designed to run quietly, unlike the Proform. This treadmill also has a much larger running belt, with 26 inches by 64 inches of room.

This model’s incline goes up to 15 percent, and there are 16 different speed levels, as well as 15 built-in programs. Although this folding treadmill is larger than the others, the wheels are designed to make it easy to move. If you’re willing to spend more — between $800 and $1,500 — you’ll likely fall in love quickly. Unfortunately, ratings are not available for this product.

Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill Pros and Cons

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill against the competition to see if it’s worth the price.


One of the biggest benefits of this treadmill model is the low price. Although this isn’t a bottom-price treadmill, it’s on the low end. Anything below the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill in price might sacrifice quality or functionality.

These are also sturdy models. Once you get them set up, they’re durable and hard to damage. The thick metal parts won’t bend or break easily. Some customers have also noted that the packaging was impressive. The manufacturer labeled and wrapped each piece individually, to make the somewhat complex setup process easier.

The Crosswalk 415 certainly isn’t the only folding treadmill on the market. However, the folding design is one of its best benefits. Unless you have a home with massive amounts of space, you’ll appreciate the option to fold up your treadmill and put it away when you’re not using it. This allows you to put the treadmill in a room that has other purposes at other times, like a rec room, rather than designate a specific “exercise room.” The lightweight and compact design is also ideal for small spaces.

Although there aren’t any fancy features, this treadmill does come equipped with most of the basics you would want, like speakers and an easy-to-use LCD screen. Models that cost $100 or $200 more tend to come with just a few more built-in workouts or other features, which might not be worth the extra cost.

Finally, the Crosswalk arms are perhaps the unique benefit of these treadmills. Few models offer the ability to work both your upper and lower body at the same time.


Some of the pros of this machine can also be cons for some people. For example, the small size is a great benefit for people working with a small space. But if you have a large body type, you might find running on the small 18-by-50-inch track difficult.

If you never plan to move your treadmill once it’s in place, the folding design won’t mean much to you. In that case, a larger model would probably work best.

People who struggle with DIY assembly may not like this model since many reviewers stated it is hard to put together. And although it does have a warranty, the warranty doesn’t last very long. So you’ll soon be on your own if something goes wrong.

Even when the assembly goes according to plan, it seems to be long and difficult. But many reviewers also noted having unexpected assembly issues that they had to call a repair person to fix. Finally, the display screen is small and can be hard to read. In addition to the screen being narrow, the readouts on it are tiny.

Which Treadmill Works for You?

Although the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill price is right, and the Crosswalk arms are cool, there are too many drawbacks for us to give this product a full-hearted recommendation. For those who don’t have issues during assembly, this model serves its purpose well. But the assembly problems are too common, and the warranty is too short to cover these issues adequately.

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re happy with the features listed here, the Proform 415 Crosswalk Treadmill might be a good choice for you. But if you can spare an extra $100 or more for a slightly nicer Crosswalk or competitor model, we predict you’ll be happier with the results. If nothing else, the extra money might be well worth the time you save in assembly.

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