Woodway Treadmill Review

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Woodway is one of the premiere treadmill makers. This Wisconsin-based fitness equipment maker uses only top-quality components and expert engineering. It builds its treadmills to last like an ultramarathon runner. They aren’t the least expensive, but if you maintain your Woodway treadmill well, you get years of additional use and very few problems.   So, which Woodway is right for you? We compare four Woodway treadmills across the price spectrum. The best Woodway treadmill for you has what you need at a price you can afford.

What Is a Desmo S Woodway Treadmill?

The Desmo S Woodway treadmill ranks as the crème de la crème of home treadmills. It’s top of the line in every aspect. Its design, construction, materials, options, safety, and ease of use are all 5 stars. If you only buy the best, you need not to look further. The Demo S Woodway is fit for training an Olympic marathoner.

Besides customized training options that suit all levels, the Desmo S Woodway accommodates all body types virtually. Individuals with special needs should consider the Demo S Woodway. It has a large running surface of 22” X 68”, making treadmill workouts possible for people who need more space to use a treadmill safely, such as people with mobility issues. The larger width also reduces injury risk for the average user.
The 500 lbs running weight capacity and 800-pound walking capacity show the strength and durability of this treadmill. Products that have lower weight requirements are built with lower-quality materials and less sturdy designs, which makes them prone to wearing out over time. This occurs even if you are built like an elite marathon runner.

Best Choice for Fighting Obesity

Those fighting weight gain can depend on the Desmo S Woodway treadmill for several reasons. Besides the comfortable running room and weight capacity, the Desmo S Woodway provides a smooth, well-protected running surface. Burning calories is an integral part of weight loss, but it also comes with a risk of injury.   Extra body weight adds to the stress on the knees and other joints. Working out on a treadmill with a protected surface in a well-padded pair of walking or running shoes provides the protection those on weight-loss programs need. This allows for longer and more frequent workouts

Fall Protection

All treadmill users, whether training for a 10K race or starting a walking program, need to be concerned about safety. After all, an injury that lays you up for weeks or months defeats the purpose of training. The Desmo S Woodway treadmill eliminates the friction of a conveyor-belt style treadmill surface. It uses a 60-slat belt and 116 ball bearings to provide a slip-free surface. This design also allows for quiet operation. Woodway spared no expense to bring safety to its customers.

Intense Workouts

Whether you are getting in shape for a 5K fun run or plan to run the Pikes Peak Marathon, the Desmo S Woodway treadmill gets you to the starting line primed like a champ. First, it has the power to accommodate the absolute limits of human endurance. The 5-horsepower motor provides a max speed of 12.5 miles per hour.   That equates to a 4:48-mile pace, so this treadmill is fit for speed work. You can also increase the incline up to 15 percent to train your muscles for the type of hills encountered in the Boston Marathon. An optional reverse function allows you to run backward, a technique many coaches advise (limited to 5MPH).


Safety and convenience are enhanced by handle controls that regulate speed, incline and start/stop. You can also measure your workouts and fitness with the heart-rate grip sensors and polar chest strap.

Workout Options

The console LCD provides 22 workout options, including 12 pre-programmed options. Workouts are programmable by ability level, allowing you to choose the category and type of exercise but also adjust it to your current fitness level. Many users like to pick several favorite workouts and then increase intensity as they gain fitness. Test categories include:

  • Fitness tests
  • Military tests
  • Goals programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Aerobic endurance builders
  • Interval training
  • Random
  • Stamina enhancers
  • 5K training
  • 10K training
  • Ramp programs
  • Heart-rate control
  • Customizable programs

We recommend the 10K program for runners of all abilities. The workouts are perfect for losing weight, increasing endurance and building speed and power. The program helps with all aspects of improving health through running. For those who want less mileage and more speed work, the companion 5K program is also recommended.

Product Specs  


This Woodway treadmill comes assembled, allowing you to order it and have it delivered ready to go. Assembly of treadmills usually takes two people and several hours. It also takes several people to move the treadmill parts. This treadmill is no exception, weighing in at 445 lbs. There is no extra charge for assembly.

Physical Dimensions

The Desmo S Woodway treadmill is designed for comfort and safety with a 72” length, 35” width and 64” height. The 22”X 68” surface provides plenty of room for tall runners to hit full stride and for larger runners to feel comfortable and run safely.

Belt Specs

The belt contains 60 slats that provide the smooth, slip-free surface. The belt is also tougher than most treadmills. Its wire reinforced belts and rollers, and 116 ball bearings offer the zero-stretch, zero-slip surface.  

Computer Specs

The LCD screen creates an easy-to-read display that’s no problem to read while during an intense workout. It contains a quick-start feature for those that want to navigate to their favorite exercises and go. An optional 13” or 15” screen television is also available.  

Display Specs

The display provides all the options you’d expect from an advanced treadmill. You can measure time, vertical feet, calories burned, METs, minutes/mile, distance, heart rate, incline, and speed.


The Desmo S Woodway treadmill has just about everything in terms of features. It comes assembled, provides ease of use and provides high-quality design and parts. As such, it’s price is top shelf at around $10,000. If that’s beyond your budget, consider a refurbished unit. At $5,000, refurbished units bring the Desmo S Woodway treadmill closer in price to lesser quality units.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     

Woodway Curve Cordless Treadmill

Woodway Mercury S Treadmill

Woodway 4Front

Desmo S Woodway Treadmill

Price                       $$$

At $10,000 new and $5,000 refurbished, it’s the most expensive but also the top of the Woodway treadmill line.

Ease of Use           5 Stars

With the slip-free belt, hand-grip controls, quick start, and easily programmable workouts, it’s easy to use even if you choose to work out hard.

Assembly Time      5 Stars

It comes fully assembled!

Design Quality        5 Stars

With the non-slip belt, comfortable running space, superior engineering, and quality parts, this is one of the most well-built treadmills on the market.

Warranty                  5 Stars

Woodway treadmills provide a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. The parts warranty is five years, and the labor warranty is one year.


  • Built to last with a lifetime frame and motor warranty
  • Non-slip surface
  • High-intensity settings with a large array of workout options


  • Costly
  • No iFit workouts

Woodway Curve Cordless Treadmill

One complaint runners have always had about treadmills is the effort is easier than regular running. On a treadmill, you get no wind resistance, resulting in inferior workouts. The Woodway Curve Cordless Treadmill compensates with the curved design and self-propelled system. Since there is no motor and the curved design forces the runner to work harder, the workout effort is comparable to regular running.

Price                                $$

A new unit costs around $5,500. Pre-owned units can be found for around $5,500.

Ease of Use                     5 Stars

The treadmill is great for workouts, and the LED screen tracks progress accurately.

Assembly Time              5 Stars

Assembly time averages 3 to 5 hours, and two people may be required.

Design Quality              5 Stars

This treadmill compensates for the disadvantages of old-school treadmill running by being self-propelled and curved. Workouts are as tough as outdoor running.


Woodway Treadmills provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. The parts warranty is five years, and the labor warranty is one year.


  • Self-propulsion provides a superior workout             
  • Uses muscles like outdoor running
  • Accurate fitness tracking


  • Some users will find the self-propulsion too difficult
  • Some users will find the curved design too difficult
  • May be unsuitable for young or elderly people

Woodway Mercury S Treadmill

The Mercury S Treadmill provides the perfect option for people interested in a standard treadmill experience without the bells and whistles. Though the Mercury isn’t as fancy as the other Woodway treadmills, it is built with the same expert design and high-quality materials. With the Mercury, you get the great Woodway quality at a much more affordable price.

Price                               $

A new Mercury S costs around $4,300. Used models cost less than $4,000.

Ease of Use                   5 Stars

The LED screen provides a user-friendly display for setting workouts and monitoring progress.

Assembly Time             5 Stars

Expect 3 to 5 hours assembly time. Two people may be required.

Design Quality             5 Stars

This treadmill is built to last. It has an emergency stop and safety lanyard feature. Its maximum speed is 11 MPH, which some users may find limiting. There is no TV option.

Warranty                         5 Stars

Woodway treadmills provide a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. The parts warranty is five years, and the labor warranty is one year.


  • Lower cost          
  • Durable
  • Lifetime frame/motor warranty


  • No TV option
  • No handrail controls
  • Max speed 11 MPH

Woodway 4Front

Woodway 4Front is the top-of-the-line commercial treadmill. Woodway scores a hit by delivering the durability needed for commercial operation. One hundred fifty thousand miles of training is needed before the first scheduled maintenance.   This is due to quality components and the rubber slats that provide a belt that is not only slip-free but also lasts the life of the treadmill. The unit can be upgraded to include wireless fitness data tracking, HDTV and entrainment delivered by Netpulse.

Price                       $$$ 

Gyms, PT centers, and hospitals can pick up a new unit for around $7,000 and a refurbished unit for about $6,000. Individuals who want their own Woodway 4Front can find used units for around $3,000.

Ease of Use           5 Stars

The Woodway 4Front has top-line shock absorption and the largest belt size. It can accommodate weights up to 400 lbs (500 lbs for under 4mph). The pre-programmed workouts are easy to use as are the customizable workouts.

Assembly Time      5 Stars

Assembly time is 3 to 5 hours. It usually requires two people.

Design Quality              

The high-quality components give this treadmill the highest rating for durability. It may cost more, but it makes up for the price in longevity. The standard model goes up to 12.5 MPH. An upgrade to 18.5 MPH is available. The incline goes to 15 degrees.

Warranty                  5 stars

Woodway Treadmills provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor. The parts warranty is five years and the labor warranty is one year.


  • No maintenance for first 150,000 miles of training
  • Durability


  • High price
  • Requires assembly time


Woodway treadmills are always high-quality. The company only uses top-shelf components and expert designs. As a result, you can count on a Woodway to last for many years. The company’s lifetime warranty for the frame and motor shows the quality product you can expect. As a result, Woodway treadmills are more costly than many other brands. If you plan to keep the treadmill for the long term, the extra cost pays off.

The Desmo S Woodway Treadmill is the pinnacle of treadmill performance. Not only is it built to last, but it also provides advanced training features and one of the best belt systems on the market. It has it all, and we rate it 5-star.   However, not everyone can invest the $10,000 cost of a new Desmo S Woodway Treadmill. Thankfully, a used one can be found for half the cost. Also, the Mercury S, Woodway 4 Front and Woodway Curved Cordless provide the same quality craft at a fraction of the cost.

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