Best Workout Shoes: Our Top 8 Picks

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Do you want to find one of the best workout shoes for your fitness needs? Excellent! Obesity is an epidemic at the moment. Did you know that the prevalence of obesity was 39.8 percent by 2016? Those are scary numbers for the nation at large. And that is not all. The heavier you are, the more you will pay in medical costs.

People who have excess weight are at higher risk of getting sick from diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Research shows that people with obesity pay for medical costs than those who have normal weight. So when you invest in the best workout shoes that your money can buy, you invest in your health. And in the long run, that will save you lots of money.

Workout Shoes FAQs

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Here are the most commonly asked questions about workout shoes:

Where can I find the best workout shoes?

There are lots of places in which you can find the best workout shoes for your fitness needs. You could go to the local stores like Walmart and Costco, and check the collection that is on sale there. You can also go to the smaller sporting goods stores and find out what is available. And if there is nothing you like offline, then online shopping is always an option. There are online retailers like Amazon that will have workout shoes from many brands available for sale.

What should I buy?

What you buy will largely depend on the kind of fitness workouts that you intend to engage in. Shoes meant for running may not be the best for aqua yoga or dancing. It is crucial that you find shoes created for the kind of sports in which you want to engage. That way, you will be able to perform optimally because your feet are protected comfortably.

What brand of workout shoes should I buy?

Well, what kind of brand do you like? The most well-known brands in the world tend to manufacture some of the best workout shoes around. But even lesser-known brands have been known to give the famous fitness brands a run for their money. It would be better if you select a shoe brand whose values you like and whose products are of high quality. In the end, it’s your money on the line.

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What to Look for in the Best Workout Shoes?

When looking for the best workout shoes for your fitness needs, you have to consider a few important factors. Naturally, the price of the shoe matters. You should find something that you can afford. It’s also vital that you get a shoe whose design appeals to you since you will be the one wearing it. What’s the point of buying something that you don’t like?The quality of the materials used to make your workout shoe matters too. Fitness workouts can wear down your shoes quickly. The higher the quality of your shoe, the more durable it will be. That’s because it can better withstand the wear and tear that it will experience over time.

Price Ranges For The Best Workout Shoes

You can find shoes lower end and about on the higher end. But when you consider that the average cost of a monthly gym subscription, then buying workout shoes and exercising on your own begins to make financial sense.

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B0719MHX9L,B002G9UFH6,B01MFA5MTJ,B07NL517HG,B07GT8VK43,B071NZZW3K,B009EQZMZY,B07GW1XKL6″ template=”table”]

How We Reviewed

The following products are our choices for the best workout shoes for 2018. We took the time to find shoes that would fit many reasonable budgets, different design tastes, and multiple fitness workout needs.

The Best Workout Shoes

[amazon link=”B0719MHX9L” title=”1.) ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe” /]

[amazon box=”B0719MHX9L”]

This running shoe from ASICS is one of Amazon’s bestselling products and comes in black, phantom, and mid-grey colors. It is made of durable synthetic material so that it can last longer. It has a rubber sole which is durable and comfortable. The one-piece outsole is rugged and has multi-directional lugs. This aspect of the design enhances traction.

The shoe has a rear-foot GEL cushioning system. This system enables the shoe to absorb the shock during the impact phase and also ensures that you can comfortably transition to midstance. The shoe also has a stitched down toe bumper. This enhances your foot’s protection and comfort while ensuring a good fit. The sock liner is removable to accommodate medical orthotics.

[amazon link=”B002G9UFH6″ title=”2.) Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker” /]

[amazon box=”B002G9UFH6″]

Looking for unisex dance sneakers? This canvas dance sneaker that comes in black and white may be well worth considering. The shoe has a terrycloth lining and a flexible canvas upper together with a padded tongue and collar. The Gilly lacing system has been incorporated for optimum fit and feel.

This shoe has a cushioned footbed with the heel of the shoe measuring approximately 1.25 inches. It incorporates a split rubber outsole design with spin-spot. The shoe also has a flat box toe. Both of these features are meant to enhance grip, thus making it easy for you to dance without slipping. Women should order half a size up, and men should order two sizes up due to the tapered toe of this shoe.

Customers love it because it is light and comfortable for dancing. They consider them an excellent performance shoe.

[amazon link=”B01MFA5MTJ” title=”3.) Venzo” /]

[amazon box=”B01MFA5MTJ”]

Are you more interested in biking as a workout of choice? Then these Venzo biking shoes are worth considering. They come with multi-use pedals. They have a synthetic and mesh upper, which makes them breathable and quick drying. The lining is textile, and the sock liner is removable.

The Venzo biking shoe incorporates a low-cut construction design. This has been done to make the shoe light and enhance a fast fit and feel. The design features also include a running shoe beveled heel and a flexible forefoot. You can use this shoe to ride with or without cleats. It’s compatible with all Shimano SPD pedal systems.

The multi-use pedals included in this set have a body made of aluminum barrel silver, and the cage is black aluminum. They have a ball-bearing design and consist of two pedals with cleats. Everything comes with a one-year warranty.

Customers love the shoes for their breathability and great value.

[amazon link=”B07NL517HG” title=”4.) WXDZ” /]

[amazon box=”B07NL517HG”]

If your idea of a workout has everything to do with water, then these WXDZ aqua shoes for both men and women should be on your list of best workout shoes to consider. These shoes have a rubber sole and incorporate a slip-on design. The rubber outsole is anti-slip thus ensuring you don’t get hurt in the water by sharp objects or by slipping. The slip-on design enables you to fold the shoes, pack them, and get going in no time. It also lets the user slip their shoes on quickly and get started on their workouts.

The drain sole is of high quality and has seven holes at the bottom to ensure water properly flows out of them. The upper is stretchy and breathable. It enhances the rate at which the shoe dries, making it quick. The shoes are quite light and are great in the water. They are suitable for activities such as yoga, swimming, beach walking, cycling, and jogging, as well as fishing.

Customers love them because they are comfortable, stylish, and have excellent traction for water-based activities. They also happen to very affordable.

[amazon link=”B07GT8VK43″ title=”5.) New Balance Men’s Mx608v4″ /]

[amazon box=”B07GT8VK43″]

What if you need to find shoes that are suitable for different workouts like jogging, weight training, and walking? Well, cross trainers are your best bet. This New Balance cross-training shoe makes it to the list of the best workout shoes because it has design features that would appeal to your need for multi-purpose workout shoes. The shoe happens to be one of Amazon’s bestsellers too.

The Mx608v4 model consists of a leather body and a rubber sole. The upper is suede, and the tongue is padded and made of mesh to ensure breathability and added comfort. The shoe collar is dual intensity for enhanced durability. The shoe design has incorporated an adsorb midsole and enhanced heel cushioning. Both of these work to improve shoe support and comfort. There is also a lace-up closure that improves fit.

Customers love these shoes because they are comfortable for prolonged use.

[amazon link=”B071NZZW3K” title=”6.) adidas Women’s Cloudfoam” /]

[amazon box=”B071NZZW3K”]

This Adidas running shoe for women is made of textile and has a synthetic sole. The lining is made of textile as well for enhanced comfort. The sock liner incorporates cloudfoam memory technology that allows it to mold itself to the foot for superior step-in comfort.

This shoe also incorporates a mélange mesh upper. Designed for enhanced breathability, the cushioning within the shoe increases the comfort levels and absorbs the shock of impact when you run. They are lightweight, thus making them suitable for running.

Customers love them because they are roomy, comfortable, and fashionable.

[amazon link=”B009EQZMZY” title=”7.) RYKA Women’s Influence ” /]

[amazon box=”B009EQZMZY”]

If you are looking for a cross-training shoe for women, then this Ryka shoe should be on your shortlist of the best workout shoes. Its body is made of synthetic material and the sole of rubber. The shoe has a padded tongue and collar, and it also has a mesh upper that enhances breathability and comfort.

The Ryka shoe incorporates Direct-Fuse and Flex-Foil support layers and a Precise-return bouncy insole. There is also a dual-impact midsole. All these design features serve to enhance cushioning, foot support, and comfort. The outsole’s design enhances traction and thus improves the overall grip of the shoe when in use. Besides that, the shoe utilizes laces with blind eyelets to improve the overall fit of the shoe and ensure you have lots of foot room.

Customers love this shoe for its enhanced support system which makes it comfortable for multiple workouts like dancing, weight training, and walking.

[amazon link=”B07GW1XKL6″ title=”8.) Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion  ” /]

[amazon box=”B07GW1XKL6″]

Looking for shoes for your Zumba sessions? Well, these Zumba workout sneakers are worth considering. They have a synthetic body and sole. The shoe incorporates a compressed EVA midsole. This design keeps the shoe lightweight and comfortable. They also include a Z-slide design to enable you to slide easily on any surface on which you dance.

The Zumba dance sneakers have breathable mesh. That makes the shoe soft and flexible thus enhancing your comfort. There is lightweight cushioning within the shoe also. This gives you maximum support without impacting your performance as you work out. The inserts within are removable too, so you can use your custom orthotics when you need to.

Customers love this shoe for the sole which has strong traction and superb grip. They also like them for the excellent support and cushioning that they offer dancers.

Find The Best Workout Shoes For Your Needs

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You need to feel proud of yourself for having the resolve to work out and stay fit. Doing so will be great for your health and your long-term finances. But it is imperative that you find the best workout shoes for your fitness needs to minimize the risk of injuries.The more comfortable you are while working out, the more likely you are to see your fitness session through. No need to get blisters while doing something that is making you healthier. And for this reason, the workout shoes that we have listed above will enable you to find something that is suitable for your needs depending on what kind of workouts you want to do, your design preferences, and your budget.

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